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Transmission Repair Services

Our team of auto repair experts will repair and maintain your vehicle’s transmission to ensure a smooth driving experience. Why Worry About Your Transmission The transmission links the engines and wheels, transmitting the energy generated by the engine to the tires, putting the car in motion. However, this process generates substantial amounts of heat and…

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AC Repair Services

Sometimes opening your vehicle’s windows just isn’t enough to keep the inside of your vehicle cool, especially not on a hot Bronx summer day. On such a day, you don’t want to turn on your vehicle’s air conditioning (AC) only to learn it’s not working and leaving you hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. Let the trained…

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General Maintenance

Want to keep your vehicle running smoothly while minimizing the need for major repairs over the course of its lifetime, saving you money in the long run? Take advantage of our general maintenance services. These services take care of the basic necessities required to keep your vehicle running. They are affordable, fast to implement, and…

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Brake Repairs

The most important safety feature of your vehicle is a properly functioning braking system. Yet, many vehicle owners rarely check their vehicle’s braking system to ensure everything is working properly. Oftentimes, vehicle owners disregard the routine maintenance inspections recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, for example, checking tire pressures, checking the oil level, and checking the…

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General Repairs

Outside of engines and transmissions, we offer a long list of general repair services: • Computer diagnostics • Brake and lamp inspections • Pre-purchase inspections • Personalized exhaust work • Muffler and exhaust repair • Cooling system service and repair • Shock and strut replacement and repair • Suspension and steering repair • Brake repair…

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