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Brake Repairs

Brake Repairs

The most important safety feature of your vehicle is a properly functioning braking system. Yet, many vehicle owners
rarely check their vehicle’s braking system to ensure everything is working properly.
Oftentimes, vehicle owners disregard the routine maintenance inspections recommended by the vehicle
manufacturer, for example, checking tire pressures, checking the oil level, and checking the air filter. But even more
often, vehicle owners do not check for leaking brake fluid, damaged or warped brake rotors, worn down brake pads,
or other problems with components of their vehicle’s braking system.
Usually, vehicle owners do not believe there is any problem with the braking system of their vehicle unless they see a
brake light turn on, or they begin hearing their brakes squealing or grinding. Sometimes vehicle owners begin
smelling a burning smell, or they notice that more and more pressure needs to be applied to their brake pedal in order
to slow their vehicle down.
Only do vehicle owners know there is something wrong with their vehicle’s braking system is when they bring their
vehicle into an auto repair shop.
If you are in Bronx, NY, and in need of auto repair services, come bring your vehicle to the trusted mechanics at
Sound View Auto Repair.
At Sound View Auto Repair. our mechanics will perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle’s braking system to
determine whether the problem is: brake pads needing to be replaced, rotors needing to be resurfaced, brake
calipers needing to be realigned, brake fluid needing to be flushed, or some other problem. No matter what the issue
is,Sound View Auto Repair’s experienced mechanics are up to the task of performing quality repairs.
Contact Sound View Auto Repair today to speak with a mechanic who is ready to make sure your vehicle’s braking
system is and stays functioning properly.

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