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At, Sound View Auto Repair we believe in providing exceptional work at an exceptional rate, with the most professional
and friendly team in the business.
We pride ourselves in a job well done, and we have dedicated everything we have to ensure we bring you the results
you need within as little time as possible.
To do this, we hold three core values as our guiding principles:
• Transparency: When we work on your vehicle, we provide you with honest quotes, so you know what you
are paying from the get-go, and we let you know exactly what we are doing to your vehicle. You are never left
• Customer-Driven Mindset: Our team works to satisfy you. We have developed our business model around
making our services an enjoyable experience for you, and we always aim to go the extra mile.
• Reliability: You can come to Sound View Auto Repair for any of your vehicular woes, and we are always here
to help.

300 Soundview Ave
Bronx, NY 10473

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